Automatically change requester on email submission

Idea created by Bernard Welmers on Mar 21, 2018
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    • Bernard Welmers
    • Jon Grimm

    Since my company is a small IT department (3 people) we currently have a number of notifications that come into our help desk/service desk email address that require actions (for example Apple DEP notifications, MDM certificate notifications, server hardware issues, printer support technicians, ). However these companies set up the response email to get entered into their own ticketing systems. As a result an email loop can be created. 


    In the past I have used Spiceworks. One of their ticket rules allows changing the creator of the ticket (before the notifications are sent out). This has been VERY useful to us as it allows us to change all the sequesters/email addresses to a service account stopping the email/ticket creation loops from starting. It also allows us to aggregate all the notification under a single account for reporting purposes. 


    The alternate way of stating this problem is that I would like a way to stop notification loops from starting. Be this "muting" a ticket/setting it so that no notifications are sent out or some solution.


    UPDATE - Now that I have used the system for a while an easy way to do this would be to add the ability of automation to change the requester since it already has ways of checking each incident.

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    Stop email notification loops from being created gives people a way to change requesters for incidents that come in say all requests from the call center (or another department/location) should be set to be requested by the manger of that location.