Add REST Hooks to API

Idea created by Nicholas (nija) Jackson on Feb 21, 2018
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    • Tom Towler
    • Jacob Graveldinger
    • Sam Buccieri-Gillett
    • Nate Riley
    • Maria Cotton
    • Nicholas (nija) Jackson

    We would like to have a copy of all data in Samanage in our local databases. To do that, we currently poll the API for all incidents that are updated within the past 4 days. We do this every 4 hours, each request often taking an hour. This is a lot of data we have to comb through (and Samanage has to provide), when we actually use very little of it (just the updated fields). 


    Samanage should implement a REST Hook infrastructure for the API. This would send data (or just a notification) to a subscribed client when a change is made (a new ticket is created, a comment is added, an assignee changed, etc.). This would prevent the polling of Samanage API for massive amounts of data. 

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    We currently have to get massive amounts of data from the Samanage API about incidents and changes, only to use a little of it. There is no good way to be notified when a ticket is deleted, for example, other than getting all the incidents in Samanage and checking which ones have been removed. This would greatly reduce the strain on the Samanage API as well as the work for the developers to implement crucial integrations with Samanage.