New Variable Type in Service Catalog: Computers

Idea created by Chad Brown on Feb 19, 2018
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    • Anthony Gillespie
    • Pascal A.

    We would like to better enable our customers to create Service Requests for Software installations, System Upgrades, and Moves of hardware. In some instances we have multiple personnel using the same PC (day/night shifts), so the "USER" field in the Inventory > Computers often does not match the Requester.


    OR - the Requester is the manager of an employee and they need software installed for them - and they don't know their NTID, but they know their computer name.


    Either way, it would be very beneficial to have a Drop Down for Computers, much like we have a drop down for Sites, Departments, and most recently - USERS. This would populate the Computer Name field of Active Computers.


    When someone needs an application installed, they can select the PC from the Drop Down. If they need a computer physically moved to a new location - SAME. Onboarding a new hire, what PC are they going to be using? Requesting an upgrade to RAM or need a machine re-imaged, BAM!


    And, should we get access to the ARRAYS in Application Integration - we would even be able to link the Service Request to that Asset - DOUBLE WIN!


    Without Data Validation - there is no way to get a good result from a text field. And it is unrealistic to have to create a drop down listing machine.

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    This would help eliminate back and forth with the customer. They would have a definitive list of Assets that could be selected. For now, we would manually have to associate the Request to the Asset - but at least we have the ASSET. This would enhance the relationship between incidents, service requests, and assets. It would help identify machines missing the Samanage Agent (for whatever reason) when they can't find their machine in there.