Please add a Date/Time variable in Service Requests (or suggest workaround)

Idea created by Chad Brown on Feb 15, 2018
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    Good day,


    We have a beyond-IT department trying to use the Service Catalog to build an intake form for questions, and from there generate one of several possible issues (using Application Integration).


    We encountered a show-stopper, when we found we can't create a Date/TIME variable to capture when something went awry. Oddly, we have the Date/TIME option as a custom field to append to modules throughout the application.


    Now, Operations departments are not likely to submit incidents as they happen (they have a lot going on), so how about some love here?


    As an aside, is it possible to pass the "Create Date" of the service request into an Incident via Application Integration?

    something like this (see {{created_at}} below)

    <name>Problem Start Date/Time</name>




    What problem will this feature solve?:
    There is a disconnect between Variable Types and Custom Field types. This would shore up that disconnect. It would allow us to use the Service Catalog as a "guided intake form" more appropriately. It would increase the usability of Application Integration for onboarding ("hire date and time", "Start Date/Time' for Changes/Releases, etc...).