Make Mandatory Fields, truly Mandatory

Idea created by Chad Brown on Feb 8, 2018
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    • Scott Price
    • Aaron March
    • Rachel Martin

    In our environment we have Category and Subcategory as Mandatory fields on Incidents; however, people can RESOLVE them without ever assigning these values.



    It seems as though Mandatory does not actually mean, mandatory. It is only enforced if you ever hit the Edit Incident button and want to Save. However, the Mandatory seems to be working on the required Resolution to resolve an incident:



    So, how to do we the Mandatory Category/Subcategory, to be truly mandatory?


    With the introduction of category/subcategory recommendations via Machine Learning, it would be ideal if we could force people to actually select these values to help that process.


    Naturally, we would want to keep this optional, much like the it is now - we would just want it to work properly (or as we perceived it should).

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    By making Category/Subcategory TRULY mandatory, we would improve the Machine Learning, not just for category/subcategory suggestions - but also automating the categorization of incidents if that is to be included in Automations.