Return the ability to add Approvers via API and Application Integration

Idea created by Chad Brown on Feb 8, 2018
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    While this is being [put] in as a Feature Request, I am asking for a restoration of previous capabilities.


    When the Approval model was changed from a single layer to multiple layers (levels), we lost the ability to add Approvers through API. This has tanked the usefulness of Application Integration in regards to Changes and Purchase Orders.


    We have numerous scheduled and on-demand Service Requests (Catalog Items) that create changes. HOWEVER, we have to go back into that Change and add approvers. Many groups in our organization are now asking, "What is the point of the automated change creation?" "Are there other products that provide this?"


    Our NOC is looking to integrate Solar Winds with Samanage; having an alert activate webservices, send xml data to a catalog item URL, create the Service Request, have it run through some conditional statements, and either create an Incident, normal change, break/fix change, or emergency change - as necessary. HOWEVER, having to follow up on 3 of 4 possible outputs is tedious and a detriment to them going into Samanage, when they with other products and have more automated functionality.


    While the majority of our Changes are done by Information Technology, we are looking to create a Service Request that allows our non-IT Business Units to submit data that could become a change. Then, based on Product Owner and IT Oversight approval, the change could be created. Now, the non-IT business unit member does not have the access necessary to add approvers to a Change, even if they did, they would know who needs to be the peer approver, the manager approver, and if the change requires AVP, VP, or CAB approval.


    That is Changes, next up - PURCHASE ORDERS!


    This lack of exposure has prevented our Finance department from moving forward with using Purchase Orders. They want a Catalog Item offered to internal customers, that will then create the Purchase Order with approvers (based on conditional statements in the Workflow). Since the Purchase Order module is not Requester facing, the customers can't go back in and add their approvers on their own, someone in Finance would have to monitor every single one of these, and manually add the approval layers. That is a non-Starter.

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    What problem would restoring this feature solve? It would allow TRULY AUTOMATED Changes and Purchase Orders. It would elevate Application Integration (internal to the Samanage application only) from providing one-off usefulness (user creation, incident creation) to something more Enterprise-ready that can bring non-IT business users more into using the application.