Application Integration Improvement - REPORTS_TO

Idea created by Chad Brown on Feb 2, 2018
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    • Richard Eells
    • Chad Brown

    We have been trying to do User Creation through Application Integration, and cannot get the "REPORTS_TO" value for a new user to populate, as the REPORTS_TO attribute functions off EMAIL_ADDRESS values and not the <GROUP_ID>.


    On the Catalog Item we use the USER variable for the New Hire Manager. However, the USER variable pipes out <GROUP_ID> and REPORTS_TO is wanting an EMAIL_ADDRESS.


    So, we have people onboard, the application creates their account, but they have no manager. Now we have to manually update the Manager Field for every person.


    So we are requesting some form of standardization or parameter option so I can specific


    <REPORTS_TO><GROUP_ID>{{User's Manager}}</GROUP_ID></REPORTS_TO>


    <REPORTS_TO><EMAIL>{{Email Address}}</EMAIL></REPORTS_TO>


    <REPORTS_TO><USER_ID>{{User's Manager}}</USER_ID></REPORTS_TO>


    Updated to correct some initial incorrect posting about the behavior of the USER variable and the REPORTS_TO attribute.

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    Remove the tedious and unnecessary task update a person's Manager value. And naturally, you have to be an Application Administrator to modify this value.