Variable Approval Percentages

Idea created by Melanie Kenney on Jan 30, 2018
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    • Melanie Kenney

    When creating a Change, our organization would like to be able to create a variable level of approval percentage as the levels that can be selected, do not fit our service model. Creating a user defined percentage, would solve this problem. In addition, if there is a hierarchy defined based on alternates, the change function does not allow this to be accommodated. A more flexible defined change function approval based on variable percentages and substituting in alternate approvers when primary approvers are out and there is a designated person authorized for the approval. 


    This function is a great alternative to use for a Change Control Board, but unable to implement due to the restrictions in approval percentages and hierarchy.

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    Implementation of a seamless Change Control Board process that is integrated with work orders. Currently, these two processes are disjointed and separate causing duplicate documentation in at least two places. Implementation of this change would allow ticket and change control documentation to be stored in one place and linked to all related work orders and maintenance functions. The systems currently disjointed and the Samanage change feature is perfectly suited for this function, but it does not work due to restrictions on the approval percentage and hierarchy.