Customer-Specific Categories

Idea created by Rachel Martin on Jan 25, 2018
    New Idea

    This follows on from another request to make SAManage more friendly to MSPs. We would like the ability to define categories and sub-categories per customer (or site, as we are having to name them.) The current categories a uniform list of products/services which are the same for all customers and therefore visible to all customers on the portal. However, we have many custom products and services for customers that we do not wish other customers to see (and they would be unlikely to want to see other customers referred to in their support portal.)


    Furthermore, it also means we cannot use the categories to for our own internal business purposes, i.e. logging incidents against our IT products such as office printing, email, file storage, and other apps etc.


    So I am asking for 2 things:


    1) Have an option from the outset to switch customer-specific categories on. If left off, then keep to a single set of categories and sub-categories.


    2) Within the customer-specific categories, have a list of default categories and sub-categories that all customers will see. Then, have an option to add custom categories; this then allows you to add only the customer-specific categories, which, when viewed in the portal by a customer, would be added to the existing default categories. For internal agents, the fact that they are associated with our organisation as their site, will show internal categories in addition to the default list.

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    The ability to categorise incidents according to specific services for different customers, and enable the inclusion of internal organisation categories which should nor be visible to customers.