MSPs Using SAManage for External Customers

Idea created by Rachel Martin on Jan 24, 2018
    Long term plan
    • Andrew Burke
    • Rachel Martin



    I notice that although SAManage has adapted in recent years to allow MSPs to use it for their external customers, there are a lot of limitations which means it does not work well at all.


    1) The first suggestion is to have a 'MSP mode', which changes the setup options of customers, sites and departments. I have seen this in a competitors' product when I was trialling several and thought this was a great idea. 


    2) Sites are called sites, which is fine when you are only working within a single organisation, but for an MSP, this is misleading. Can this please be changed to 'Customers' for MSPs


    3) Likewise, Departments needs to be then called 'Sites' or 'Locations' and be a set of dependant fields for each customer. Currently departments is just one list, which is not related to site in any way and has no option for setting business hours or SLAs.


    4) For each customer and at a lower level, location, the option of custom business hours and custom SLAs should be added.


    5) Link the customers/locations to user records


    I would appreciate any other MSPs who are struggling with the same thing to lend their weight to get this on the roadmap and changed as soon as possible.



    What problem will this feature solve?:
    It will allow us to remove the confusion that is currently present from our external customers being listed under 'Sites' and not being able to use 'Departments' as it is just a single list, which is not able to be linked to sites and not able to have custom business hours or SLAs.