Service Portal - Useful Articles Pane

Idea created by Emma McAdam on Jan 17, 2018
    New Idea
    • Jamie Milks

    Allow customers to set the pane size of the Popular Services and Useful Articles Panes, in the service portal set-up.

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    I've just upgraded to the new portal layout. From the wording on the design guidelines I was expecting to be able to limit the pane size of the useful articles area, in the service portal setup. But you still need to edit the individual solutions to reduce the number of articles in this pane. This is not practical when you have a number of teams involved in creating solutions: I still want the ability to mark a solution as useful, but to also to be able to limit the initial pane size when you go to the portal. This would enable us to enhance the design and navigation of the portal. There is already a View all option which allows users to expand and see all useful articles, which implies that somewhere there is a setting that restricts what is seen in that pane.