Ticket notifications for people in CC

Idea created by Ben Van Aerde on Jan 15, 2018
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    • Josh Mills
    • Chris Sevenig
    • Brian Hill
    • Renee Martin

    I want to make sure that people in CC are notified when comments are made to the ticket. Right now, this isn't always the case.


    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Make sure that in the notifications settings of Samanage, "User's Own Changes" are not notified.
    2. Create a ticket where you're both requester and assignee.
    3. After creation of the ticket, add other people to CC
    4. Add a comment to the ticket using the Samanage servicedesk page
    Expected result:
    • No mail notification is sent to the requester/assignee
    • A mail notfication is sent to the people in CC
    Actual result:
    • No mail notification is sent to anybody
    The notification setting User's Own Changes should not apply to these people in CC as well.
    When these users in CC are not Samanage service agents, they have no way of knowing a comment has been made to the ticket.
    What problem will this feature solve?:
    Right now, people in CC are not notified of new comments, when both the requester and the assignee are the same person.