Add Future Date words to Date Ranges (Tomorrow, Next 7 Days, etc...)

Idea created by Chad Brown on Jan 3, 2018
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    • Hasan Sert

    We have a need to build filters that show things planned for the future. However, without defined values as words; like Tomorrow (, Next 7 days (,,, Next fortnight (, or Next 30 days (, this is a manual adjustment to saved filters that prevents scheduled reports.


    For example, when we want to see all Changes with a Planned Start Date of next 7 days, where state is approved; we cannot schedule this to go off each Monday. We have to manually go in and create this report and send it.


    This is already available with Incidents in the "Due Date" filter option (however that is missing a "TODAY" option). Could this Filter Option be moved to other modules and tooled to be useful for forward planning?

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    This would allow automated reports of upcoming scheduled changes and releases to be sent to all parties. This provides transparency for the business - who cannot access either of these modules normally to see these scheduled events; as well as serve as a reminder for application users in IT, HR, and other support groups.