Allow non-Agents in Portal to view their Assets under My Account

Idea created by John C Lyons on Jan 2, 2018
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    • Windi Lilly
    • Lea Koehler
    • Nate Riley
    • Dennis J Bradley
    • Chad Brown
    • John C Lyons
    • Caleb Wagnon

    Currently non-Agents cannot see which Assets they are the "Owner" under My Account in the Portal. Agents can see this information.


    This would be a great feature so that non-Agents know which equipment they are assigned/responsible for. Would help us greatly in lifecycle replacements and give users some general, read-only information about their own assets.

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    Non-Agent Users would know which equipment they are assigned. Very helpful to lifecycle management within departments other than IT.