Add state changes to workflows

Idea created by Chad Brown on Dec 21, 2017
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    We have identified an area for growth in the Service Catalog that would be of great value to our various departments; Tasks that change attributes of incidents.


    When a Service Request is submitted, it comes in and the state is set to New. We'd like to add a FUNCTION in the workflow that changes the State to one of our custom states of "Awaiting Approval". Then, once approvals are done, we'd like to add a FUNCTION where the state of the incident changes from Awaiting Approval to Assigned.


    This could be baked into Conditional Statements. Say it is an onboarding event, and specialized hardware needs to be ordered, we could have a conditional


    Specialized Hardware = YES

       Incident.State = Pending Resource

    Specialized Hardware = NO

       Incident.State = Assigned


    We currently have to do this manually so people know the current "state" of a Service Request at a glance and determine if they are supposed to take action.


    For example we have a group that looks for Incidents of the specified category and where State = Awaiting Approval OR Awaiting Input. However, if someone fails to switch the state manually from New to Awaiting Approval, they don't see it.


    I know Automations can change states on CREATION, but it is a LOT of work to make an Automation rule (and update it) each time we create a Catalog Item.

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    This would significantly reduce the amount of manual manipulation necessary when tasks and approvals pass from step to step in the Workflow. Less manual manipulation reduces mistakes. This would enhance the usefulness of stored filters and dashboard widgets.