Calendar on Change and Release Modules

Idea created by Chad Brown on Dec 21, 2017
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    • Aaron Trentacosta
    • Andrew Eardley-Day
    • Sue Kirschner
    • Chad Brown
    • Jeff Barhyte

    There has been a lot of talk about a better way to display Changes and Releases on their respective pages, a Calendar. There could be a trigger option "Display on Change Calendar" or "Display on Release Calendar" that could be flagged and the request would show.


    The date range of the Calendar would involve "Day", "Week", "Month" and give more granular details on smaller time windows of the Changes.


    This would allow the CAB and all parties a graphical representation of start and end dates/times of changes, to better pick windows to schedule their changes, or advise them who needs to be informed of issues if a Change shows up during a bad window (server upgrades during a power upgrade window for example).

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    This would provide more useful information in a more familiar display to people. We are used to looking at Calendars; I'm sure most people look at them daily in Outlook or a similar application - all day, every work day. At a glance it would be obvious of potential conflicts - without having to look through EVERY change that isn't closed or complete for start dates and times.