Change a Status (On Hold) after a Set Date/Time

Idea created by Paul Dejyothin on Dec 13, 2017
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    • Paul Dejyothin
    • Julian Tang
    • Byron Poe
    • Gabe Munoz
    • Olivier Paratte
    • Rachel Martin


    If the State of a ticket/incident is set to the 'State' of 'On Hold' (see image below), there is there is no way for the ticket to change status at a specified date and time automatically (e.g. back to assigned)


    This could potentially leave the ticket/incident unresolved due to the assignee forgetting, otherwise, about the ticket.


    If the state is set to 'On Hold' have the option to set both the date and time that this ticket state should change back to 'Assigned' (or to another state of the assignee's choice). However, the default should be set to 'Assigned'

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    This will resolve the ticket/incident from potentially being left 'On Hold' for longer than necessary.