Bug Report - Disappearing Change Tickets

Idea created by Aaron Trentacosta on Dec 12, 2017
    New Idea

    This is a unique one... through a certain set of steps a change ticket can disappear upon submitting if you have multiple tabs opened using a saved link.  The following are the steps used to reproduce the issue:


    - Start a new change ticket and fill out all the required information

    - Using a bookmark or hyperlink open up your portal (for us: https://support.xxx.com/login)

    - In the new tab, browse to an existing change, and then close the tab

    - Go back to your original change and submit it


    The new change never shows up in Samanage.  These seems like a trivial issue but for our change submitters that are heavy users we have had multiple very detailed changes completely disappear upon submission.  I was able to recreate the issue successfully using the steps above.

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    A bug that results in newly submitted change tickets never creating in the portal.