Ability to change workflow assignments

Idea created by Donna Jay on Dec 1, 2017
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    • Jordan McDonald
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    We have run into issues where staff members in the approval and task assignment areas are no longer valid choices due to unforeseen changes of personnel. Requests have been made before the changes can be made in Active Directory for their manager or a change in the workflow can be completed. This causes an issue that a request is sent to a manager for approval but they are no longer a current employee which causes the request to stall at the approval level. It also creates an issue when a task is assigned to a staff member who is no longer a current employee and we need to change the person who needs to complete the task.


    It would be great if an administrator could edit the request itself to change those assigned through the workflow process. While we do not want to eliminate the need to make the adjustments in Active Directory or to the workflow itself, there are times that it is necessary to edit the request.

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    This would make it possible to edit requests without asking the end user to re-enter the request just to adjust one assigned person. We have had two instances this year alone where there have been sudden changes in personnel due to death and the requests have needed to be re-entered for completion/approval.