"Groups" enhancements

Idea created by Chad Brown on Nov 20, 2017
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    • Chad Brown
    • Gustavo Trujillo
    • Jacob Tauer
    • Emma McAdam

    In working with Groups we have come up with a short list of changes that could add value to organizations. Not sure if this is a low-hanging fruit scenario or not.



    • Allow "bulk updates" to groups. We have a lot of realignment of groups in the organization. We often need to go through and change the "reports to" on numerous groups in short order. Being able to select 11 groups at once and change values like that would be great.


    • Edit Group values In-Line. Being able to edit group information In-Line from the Groups screen would reduce hassle. In addition to group ownership often changing, we often need to realign group names to new business goals and directions. Having to individually open each group. select edit, and then change the name seems to be unnecessary.


    • Export/Import Groups. We need to create several groups at once, and then go through and assign personnel to them. Having an IMPORT option to just point to a CSV with a Group Name, Owner, and Description would be a win. LIKEWISE, being able to EXPORT our current groups would be another win. Right now, it is copy & paste land, not an ideal situation.


    • Add GROUPS to the User Bulk Update option. This is mentioned elsewhere, but I think it fits well with "Group" enhancements. When we add a group, it makes sense to be able to find all Users where "reports_to" equals "So and So", and "Site" equals "That One" and add them all to a group. Having to search for each person in the Group and add them individually (we have 5000+ users, it is extremely rare we have more than one person on a search page at a time), Add them individually, exit the add person screen, and come back into the search seems entirely unnecessary.
    What problem will this feature solve?:
    This will help reduce the labor intensive administration of groups in the application. Everything in groups is currently a One-Off situation, including adding 77 users to a Group. That is 77 menu searches for one group. Or changing the ownership of 11 groups to the new department head; again, that is 11 times you have to edit groups.