Form and workflow request

Idea created by Anthony iezzi on Nov 1, 2017
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    Good Morning,


    I have a couple of requests that I feel would greatly enhance the usability of the service catalog and workflow functions.


    My first request is concerning text and text boxes on the custom forms.  It would be REALLY beneficial to people filling out the forms if the text we type into the template scaled to 25% of their screen and then the text box for them to enter text scaled to fill the remaining 75%.  Currently, it is fixed width to about three inches for each which causes the instruction text to wrap several inches vertically and then you are left with this small, oddly placed text box for the user to type in the required information.


    My second request is to be able to add items such as drop downs, check boxes, text boxes, etc to the work flow so that you can have more direct options in the workflow for the person completing the ticket and have those options available dependent on the approval or decline or even better would be to have a simple yes / no option with the ability to add the workflow items to each choice without having to deal with the approval process. 


    In my opinion this would greatly increase the value of the workflow and give your customers a lot of new options to leverage Samanage in their business.

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    It will solve a number of limitations of the current forms and service catalog and allow your customers to greatly expand the use of the service catalog workflow.