Customized Tab Per User or Organization

Idea created by Shantel Krishnan on Oct 19, 2017
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    • Shantel Krishnan
    • Hickenbottom, Becky
    • Carter Whitley

    In feedback from our ITFE team we heard "The amount of clicks it takes to view the model and serial number of a unit, is frustrating". In recent conversations with our Samanage Success Manager we have realized that each organization might consider certain fields as being important when viewing their data. We feel that the less clicks that it takes to view all of the details pertaining to each asset is saving time! We are suggesting that having the option to create our own fields on a customized tab would be awesome! 

    Having the gear concept (like on the inventory main page) where we can pick what we want to see on a customized Asset tab. This would save time not needing to click on multiple tabs to find all the information on one asset. This would also help in the current mobile view because today we cannot see the model.  


    Even if each bundle of information could be moved that would be beneficial. Like taking the "Computer System" info and putting it under the "Computer Details". Just as one example. 

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    Ability to view information that is important to myself (or organization).