Add Hierarchy to the Portal to enable Enterprise Service Management

Idea created by Byrd, Tracy on Oct 17, 2017
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    • Andrew Eardley-Day
    • Chad Brown
    • Britt Layman

    For those of us struggling to create category structures and roles sufficient to enable customer to navigate the portal in an Enterprise Service Management model, please consider adding a top level hierarchy to the portal (optional) to create separate portal pages for various enterprise functions that can be tailored to the needs of the customer depending on what they want. The top level could simply be a welcome message and links/buttons to the various functions (IT, Finance, HR, Facilities, etc). Once you navigate to the function, you get the current Samanage portal experience, only specific to that function. For example, if you navigate to Facilities you will only see Messaging, Links, Solutions, Requests, etc. that are apropos to facilities. Basically, portals within a portal. Since we began with Samanage as an IT service management product, something like this would let us expand into other functions without having to re-categorize and redesign our IT portal. Britt Layman

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    The current portal design does not transition well from IT Support to Enterprise Service Management. If I include all ESM functions in one portal, I loose a level of hierarchy in classification that I need to appropriately classify IT issues and I lose the ability to target messages, links, etc. to specific needs. For example, at the top level, my portal includes a link for remote desktop control and a link to our statuspage. Those does not make sense if the portal is used generally for ESM and not just IT.