Send Messages from Catalog Workflows

Idea created by Byrd, Tracy on Oct 17, 2017
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    Please add an item the current service catalog processes that will let us configure and send a canned message within the workflow. The implementation could simply be called "Send a Message." It would allow you to send a canned message contained within the workflow to someone while the workflow is processing. The message target could be the common samanage user drop down that include the requester, assignee, and any other technician or user. Possible use cases are as follows...

    • Send a message to the requester at the beginning of a workflow letting them know how long they can expect to wait for completion. "Dear user, thanks for submitting your request for a new computer. Your supervisor will be getting a notice of the request as their approval is required. If approved you can expect the process to take three weeks."
    • Send a message to the requester in mid-process letting them know that some steps are complete but more are pending and ho long they should expect to wait. For instance "Your computer request was approved by your manager. Normally it takes two weeks for the Desktop team to complete fulfilling your request."
    • Send a message on an approval rejection to give users next steps, "Your request for a computer was not approved. You may want to call your supervisor and then resubmit the request later."
    • Send a message to the Samanage administrator that an API call in the workflow failed using the On-Failure step, "An API call to Zapier failed in the The Request a Computer catalog item."
    • Send a message to an interested party on a Catalog Request even though the person is neither the requester or assignee. Maybe the Security guy wants to know every time someone submits the "Report a lost or stolen computer" item.

    There are many more examples to think of. The benefit is that customer are more informed about their requests and the service desk will have to do less manual commenting so that more requests can be completed without intervention and with good customer friendly messaging. This is especially important since workflows automatically close requests whenever the workflow completes. Best case is that the message would include a link back to the request in the portal. If that cannot be done because of the system design (I assume the process may not know what the ticket number is when the process runs), the messaging step is still useful and can have a generic link back to the portal.

    Right now I accomplish this on requests by using a API call to a Microsoft Flow in Office 365 which triggers a preformatted email to be sent to the requester. I would much rather the messaging come from Samanage so that it has a common look and feel ad is not dependent on an outside service. Britt Layman

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    I cannot, without invoking a third party service, message a customer or any other interested party to give them information regarding the processing of their request. The only messaging the requester ever sees from an automated request is "Done", "Aborted", etc. and this only at the end of the workflow.