Application Integration API include Approvers for Changes and Releases

Idea created by Brad Bateman on Oct 13, 2017
    New Idea

    Please add the ability to assign approvers to Changes via the Changes API / Application Integrations, so that change approvers can be automatically assigned from Service Catalog items.  It would be nice to have for Releases as well, but Change approvals are the biggest hurdle for us right now.


    Requirements for this API would be the same as the UI allows: 

    1. Approvers can be users or groups
    2. Allow multiple approval levels (the same levels that the UI allows)
    3. Allow the approval "condition" to be provided for each approval level (only one approver, all approvers, 50% or more approvers)
    4. Allow assigning multiple users and/or groups to a single approval level


    An example of the XML structure could be: 


    What problem will this feature solve?:
    We currently have Service Catalog items which spawn one or more Changes for certain tasks. These changes need to be approved by specific individuals or groups. We have IT controls that depend on the correct people approving these changes. Currently, we have to manually add these approvers for each change, which introduces a big IT compliance risk in that someone would forget to add an approver or adds the wrong approver.