Prevent changes to Closed incidents

Idea created by Graham Shaw on Oct 12, 2017
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    • Graham Shaw
    • Josh Mills
    • Tracy Byrd
    • Andrew Eardley-Day
    • Tom Kelsall
    • Scott Mitchell

    On resolution of an incident, we leave the state as Resolved - allowing users to reopen a case (by commenting) if they feel further work is needed, or if the issue reoccurs. However, once an incident has received feedback, we generally move the state to Closed. We also have the system set to close Resolved tickets after 30 days.


    Once a ticket is in a Closed state, users are still able to comment (and cause the ticket to be reopened). It would be useful if Resolved and Closed were treated differently in Samanage - i.e. separate settings allowing comments to reopen Resolved tickets, but not reopen Closed tickets. Ideally, disallowing comments on Closed tickets would be useful - i.e. moving a ticket to Closed is final.

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    Admin overhead - users' comments (sometimes unrelated to the case) reopening the ticket instead of raising a new case.