Email Notification - Service Catalog

Idea created by Jennifer Anderson on Oct 3, 2017
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    • Denner Bitti Padilha

    My understanding is that a service catalog can only be scheduled by a service desk license.  Once scheduled, the user who created the schedule is notified every time the request is created, modified, and closed.  To my mind, this is over the top and clutters service desk personnel's email causing them to miss other critical items.


    Scenario/Use Cases:

    Each month remind the IT department to send a SOX related report to the accounting department.

    Each day check to ensure that a process is reviewed and running as per specifications.

    Each month, clean the IT storage room.


    Because there is no cron type feature in Samanage to scheduled tasks/incidents, the use of internal service catalog requests is recommended.  To make this feature better, please consider one or more of the following:

    • User control of notifications for service catalog items.  (When added, updated, closed, etc)  If not for all users, then at least at the service agent level.
    • User control of notifications at the service catalog level.  As flexible as  at add, update, closed point OR just the ability to turn the feature on/off to the originator would be good.
    • If feature needs to remain global then the ability to turn off notifications at a very detailed level at the service agent level.
    What problem will this feature solve?:
    Reduce network traffic and email clutter in tightly controlled environments where SOX and HiPPA require tasks to be scheduled in advance and performed regularly in a monitored methodology. Granting user control of notifications provides for better notifications. Reduced clutter means notifications become more valuable and less ignored.