Tag rules for automatically tagging newly discovered software

Idea created by Cristian Satnic on Oct 4, 2017
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    Samanage tracks installed software using a combination of the application's name and its exact version. This particular combination then needs to be tagged by the user and then software licenses and contracts are created based on tags.


    The problem that comes up is that when a particular piece of software is updated its version changes and to Samanage that looks like a brand new software application. The previous version's link to a particular tag is broken and the software application needs to be re-tagged. This causes a problem if you try to keep up with software compliance because at any point tags can fall out of sync due to new versions being detected which must be manually re-tagged. Office 365 for example causes such problems because that software is updated very often so we have to manually re-tag new versions of it very frequently in order to keep the contracts and compliance numbers correct.


    I'd like to suggest for Samanage to add support for a simple tag rules interface where users can specify how Samanage itself should tag newly discovered software applications. For example such a rule would be 'if software with name X is discovered then tag it automatically with tag A'. This way whenever a new application update is detected with a new version (but the application name would still be the same) then Samanage can directly assign a tag to it according to the tag rule and all is well ... no need to keep playing the cat and mouse game where it feels that we constantly have to manually re-tag software in order for the license compliance numbers to be correct.


    Thank you.

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    It will do away with the need to constantly re-tag software when new versions / updates are detected (for contracts and license compliance)