Add "Assign Category" as and action in Automations

Idea created by Joshua Harp on Sep 12, 2017
    New Idea

    The current function of "Automation" allows us to apply rules very well, but of all of the actions it could take, it seems to be missing one of the more core actions, which is to assign a category and subcategory.

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    In our environment, despite repeated attempts to get users to log in to submit tickets, everyone emails their requests in. As such, almost none of our tickets come through with their category filled out. Because of this, our technicians are spending quite a bit of time assigning tickets that don't belong to them. We've tested the regex function of "Automations" which works very well, it's just limited to assigning things to people or groups and changing statuses. Adding categories to the list of actions would be a huge help!!!