Service Portal - Change 'Requester' shows requesters without user accounts

Idea created by Kelly Whalen on Aug 30, 2017
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    • Kelly Whalen

    If a technician or a requester goes to the service portal to submit an Incident and tries to change the name of the requester, as they start typing the new name, it pulls up all requesters that have submitted to our helpdesk, including email addresses without a user account linked to it.  Not only does it show a bunch of useless email addresses, it displays them TWICE.  I was told this is as designed when I submitted a ticket to support. 


    I don't understand how this would be of any use to a user on the service portal.  Many of our admins will be submitting incidents on behalf of their consultant or someone else internally. I'm not sure if any other companies submit requests on behalf of outside users, but I think we should be given the option to turn this feature off.  We have already received 1 complaint about it and I only went live with our service portal for a pilot group of 20 users. One complaint out of 20 users is concerning.


    This is how it looks originally:


    How it looks originally


    This is how it looks once I start typing Anastasia's name to make her the requester:


    How it looks once I start typing someone else's name

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    Users wouldn't be confused by the numerous random email addresses that pull up when they are expecting to see a list of internal employees to make a request on behalf of.