Software Inventory by Operating System

Idea created by Andy Burnside on Aug 24, 2017
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    All the data is there, but the devs haven't put it together!

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    It's a relatively simple problem. We have the agent installed and it's happily collecting all this lovely data. Yay!

    I want to ask Samanage what I think is a simple question!

    ME: Hey, Samanage, what software is installed on anything that's a server?


    Well, what's a server look like? :SAMANAGE

    That's a good question, I hadn't thought about that. I suppose I should have to tell the application this information, right? At first I thought this should be what Assignment Rules are used for (at least in part). So, ideally, I'll create an Assignment Rule to match an AD OU or (less ideally) a name prefix to a Computer's tag. Nope. Assignment Rules can't do that (Feature Request Numero Dos).

    But that's OK, too, there are many ways to skin a cat, right? Right. (Btw, "skin a cat refers to preparing a catfish filet for consumption before all you cat people get freaked out, I love teh kitties, too). But, back to our problem at hand. Software that's only installed on Servers...

    ME: So, you know about this guy who calls himself Category, right? Talk to him, he knows "Server".


    Dude, definitely, I know Category, I love Category, this one time Category got so drunk at this wedding in Jersey that he and Site, and Vendor got into this crazy... :SAMANAGE


    ME: Haha, bro, I bet it's a great story, let's focus though, OK?


    Oh, yea, totally, sorry. Category says he knows "AntiVirus, Browser, Collaboration, Database, Driver.." :SAMANAGE

    Hrm, so these things aren't global. How can I join these data sets together?! Software Inventory doesn't know about Computer Inventory? Please feature request me and fix this, mmkay?

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    What problem will this feature solve?:
    Allow better software tracking and utilization in asset management