Generic & bulk asset management option

Idea created by Olivier Paratte on Aug 18, 2017
    Under Consideration
    • Bradley Edwards
    • Lisa Eilerman
    • Olivier Paratte
    • Jacob Tauer
    • Ben Semeyn

    The idea is to be able to easily manage small or inexpensive assets (e.g. adaptors, laptop bags, clickers, etc.) or software licences (e.g. Salesforce, acrobat, etc.)  without having to create one asset / CI for every single item.


    For example, we could have a "bulk asset" section in the inventory where you can record the asset type and the quantity you have. 


    Using laptop bags as an example, you would create a type call "Laptop bag" and enter the quality you have (e.g. 50). When you issue one bag, you allocate 1 "Laptop bag" to a user (or attach it). You would then be able to see that the use has received a bag in the inventory section of the user profile and that you have 49 left in the "bulk asset". 


    The advantage of a "bulk asset" approach would by the you could easily see who has received what and when without the time-consuming maintenance / update work required to manage a larger number of assets (e.g. 400 laptop bags) which wouldn't be worthwhile as the item/asset cost is low.

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    This will provide an effective way to manage small / inexpensive assets or licences.