Application Integration and Linking created items

Idea created by Chad Brown on Aug 16, 2017
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    • Brad Bateman
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    • Chad Brown
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    Currently Application Integration allows you to kick off Changes (we have done this), User creation (done this too), and other Catalog items (got that one too); however, the application creates these in a vacuum with no reference to the original request. This is causing some issue for us.


    Example: During an onboarding event, the Requester is required to provide us the following information:

    Full Name

    Employee ID

    Job Code

    Job Title



    Based on those pieces of information, we will generate a multitude of Service Catalog requests automatically. Say the Job Code requires they have an NTID, 7 Security Groups, 2 Distribution Groups, VPN Access, a Mobile Phone, Desk Phone, Voice Mail, International Dialing, Building access with extended hours, alarm code, and external door keys.


    Application Integration would kick off and create a Catalog Item for each:


    Sec & Distro Groups (still working out the issue with multi-select dropdowns going to other catalog items)

    VPN Access

    Mobile Phone

    Desk Phone w/ International Dialing (still working on check marks)

    Voice Mail

    Building access w/ extended hours

    Alarm Code

    External Door Key


    However, none of these requests links back to the ORIGINAL request.

    The same is true for our Server Builds

    Someone requests a Server Build; they complete the Catalog Item for it. If the build is approved, the application creates a Change. Now, we cannot get all the information from that Server Build into the Change (Only one change module for the enterprise, no customization like Incidents) (and, you can't combine data elements into a single field; i.e., We can't have the Change Description contain all the values they selected in various drop downs), so it is essential the Change be linked to its intake form. However, again, this linkage does not happen. This becomes a manual step. If you have to manually modify the Change, you might as well skip Integration and just use the Clone button and manually link it (we will not go into detail about the lack of APPROVERs via Integration here, but I'm still going to harp on it).

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    This would resolve the manual task of hunting down each object created by a Request and linking it manually. Doing this opens you up to manual error. It also takes time away from other things people could be doing. Automatically (or at least allowing you to specify in the integration if you want the link to happen) linking these also gives a complete audit trail. And of course, Automation, Automation, Automation. Nothing helps your benchmarks, customer service, and overall company performance like automating.