Token Authentication through Scripts

Idea created by Chad Brown on Aug 14, 2017
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    • Chad Brown

    With the role out of token authentication, a scary event is on the horizon for our enterprise. We currently use Ruby scripts to mass create/update incidents via the API. As it stands, I am unable to get Token authentication to work in Ruby. If https authentication is to be disabled with the advent of Token authentication, we lose a lot of functionality.

    What are the plans for making the Token Authentication usable in things like the SamanageAPI.rb script on the GitHub site, or functional in any other similar scripting language.

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    The mass create/update through the API with Ruby (it reads a CSV and makes edits per Incident_ID) is essential for us. The IMPORT feature on the Incident's page does not permit the use of custom fields - so it is practically unused in our environment. Additionally, when we create a new catalog item; we often go back and take requests that were made before that catalog item existed, and funnel them through the API so we have an audit record of that delivery (with accompanying approvals). We also process bulk new hires through catalog items created via the API with CSV source files.