Simplified Values for Fields when Exporting

Idea created by Lea Koehler on Aug 7, 2017
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    As I have been learning how to use the export feature in Samanage inventory, I have come to find that some fields do not export as nicely as there is a lot of information stored in those fields. For instance, in the owner field, I would like to only export the owner's name. Instead, when I export with csv, that one cell in Excel contains a string of text with the owner's name, level of access, last log in time, etc. This makes it hard to filter for values. Below is an example of what is contained in one owner cell when all I need is the name of the owner: 


    id: "XXXXXXX"~name: "FirstName/LastName"~"FirstName/LastName <FirstName/>"~title: ~last_login: "2017-06-21 18:34:16 -0400"~role: "Administrator"~~~phone: "XXX.XXX.XXXX"~"<None>"~mobile_phone: "XXX.XXX.XXXX"~language: ~disabled: false

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    Allows us to filter values in Excel and easily find data.