CMDB Inconsistencies

Idea created by Chad Brown on Jul 13, 2017
    Under Consideration
    • Rebecca Chickering
    • Chad Brown

    We are working on an offboarding procedure, where HR would check the Application for any hardware/software/access linked to a user that needs to be returned/reassigned/revoked when they leave the company. In the process we have encountered an issue (shortcoming) with the CMBD.


    When searching for anything, where the OWNER is Chad Brown, I get the following list:

    Based on this, the OWNER is apparently correlating to the MANAGER


    However, this is not everything I own in the application. To find the rest I have to run a different search, based on USER instead:


    FILTERing will not resolve the issue; the presence of multiple criterion types engages an AND statement instead of an OR statement, resulting in no actual results.


    Checking the USER card leaves a lot of the assets out, as you can see from my USER card:

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    There needs to be some way of tying each Configuration Item to a single FILTERable entity. Without it, while the CMDB contains the assets (tangible and intangible), it does not allow an efficient means of finding them, associating them, and viewing their relationships.