Make sub-menu searches more usable

Idea created by Chad Brown on Jul 10, 2017
    • Chad Brown

    When attempting to link a dozen incidents to a problem, or a twenty people to a group, the search window that generates is, from a IT standpoint, fairly dumb. As it stands, that menu is very limited and unfriendly. We had seven people we needed to add to a group. They all had the same title. However, when you go to that menu, it does not key off the title at all. Likewise, it does not key off any custom fields you have generated on the user cards. So instead, you have to do seven name searches to find each of the people, instead of their common custom field or common title.


    Likewise, when looking to add incidents to a problem, we tag incidents so they are easier to find later. However, when you are in that Attach Incidents menu, putting in a Tag does not return results associated with that tag. So, you have to have a common keyword (dependent on the customer to enter), or you have to know each incident number and search for it individually.


    Conversely, if the User index could be improved to allow the MASS UPDATE to target groups, that would work well. The same is true with the Incident/Problem/Change index pages. If the MASS UPDATE allowed you to link to Problem #xxx or Incident #xxxxxxx, that would significantly improve things.

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    Speed up use of the application in relationship management. Linking incidents to problems/changes/solutions could be done in a timely manner and improve the use and usefulness of the application. Likewise, when you need to put 83 people in one group (we have that), you could use a filtered search to allow that to happen.