Make the Unique User ID visible to Requesters and/or Service Agent Users without Setup Access

Idea created by Chad Brown on Jul 10, 2017
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    • Chad Brown

    In order to allow more capabilities from Service Agent Users and Customers, without giving them the keys to the kingdom; we'd like to have the unique USER ID for each account visible somehow. As it stands a Service Agent User needs to have SETUP rights to even see a User ID (we realize you can of course grab any incident, clear the title out of the URL and add .xml to the URL to see the XML version of the incident and then the ID number of the Requester, Assignee, etc... - However, that is not user friendly for customers).


    If it is possible to use the Application Integration and get it to do a USER update based on email address, I would love to know how, and who has been successful in using it.

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    There is a lot of mobility throughout the company. The following things change routinely for people, and it would be great if they could go to a catalog item and update it themselves. 1. Department 2. Manager 3. Site/Location We would allow an approval matrix, so if someone wanted to say their department was suddenly IT, it would require one of the managers or AVPs, or VPs in IT to acknowledge that transfer. With the customer able to request this update, or even someone on the Service Desk, who doesn't have full-blown ability to blow up the application, it would significantly improve overall function of the application. As the application tracks users by their unique ID, they need to be able to view this on the user, so the Application integration task to modify users, has that information. Without accurate information in these cells, the users do not have access to the proper catalog items, their approvals just go to dead-ends and they have to start anew, etc...