Customized email template for purchase order approvals

Idea created by Drew Haege on Jul 5, 2017
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    Just as the incident notification emails can now be customized, it would be very helpful to customize the Purchase Order approval notification emails.  The challenge I've found both personally in approving PO's and the feedback I'm hearing from other managers is that there isn't enough detail in the email.  If you look at the attached screenshot of a typical PO approval email, you'll see I highlighted the pertinent information.  If you notice, unless I highlighted them it's not exactly standing out as to what needs to be approved.  The frequent question I receive from approvers is "what am I approving?" or "How much is it?".  Also, unless you're slightly OCD like myself, even the title in brackets could be of little use if the typically vague reference is used like "Power Supply" or "Computer".  Ideally you would just include a hyperlink to "View Details".  I understand the benefit of having the quick "Approve" button, but if your only method of learning more about the request is to approve it to see the details, you'll end up creating inbox noise for those who change their minds after reading details.  


    Finally, if I'm being picky...the hyperlink towards the bottom of this email notification doesn't look like a link intended for the approver.  As a busy manager you receive tons of emails. We're all educated by the IT Department to not just click on any old link we see in an email.  My point is, make the links inside this email intentional and prominent. 



    PO Approval Email


    Here's my mock up of a revised email...


    What problem will this feature solve?:
    Delays in getting PO's approved, unnecessary emails to explain what PO is about. Ultimately, the elimination of rework would be the big win here.