Scheduled reports in Table View

Idea created by Christine Blickhan on Jun 21, 2017
    Long term plan
    • Jackie Kisinger
    • Kisan Gajadhar
    • Nitsan Reznik
    • Chad Brown
    • Gustavo Trujillo
    • Eva Maresova

    I have managers who would like to have scheduled reports sent to them as a Table View, rather than the graphs that are currently available.  Would like to be able to Create reports that are set to Table View and be able to schedule the report(s) to run and be sent to the person/people who want the report.

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    Right now I am paying an Agent License for some users who simply want to "see what is out there" and they would be happy to just receive a report than try to filter through everything. So I would be able to same money and still give the managers what they want.