Merging Multiple Users

Idea created by Steve Blackburn on Jun 14, 2017
    Not Planned
    • Mohcine Azougagh
    • Brad Coston
    • Chad Brown
    • Suzanne Judy
    • Steve Blackburn

    We have cases where a user has created more than one account for themselves but with different email address.

    This has happened where they have changed which part of the business they work in so it has been necessary for them to have a new email.

    Instead of them changing their old account they have created an new one

    This leads to problems in 2 areas, firstly when they want to look at all their requests there is not one view where they can see it all.

    Secondly if a ticket is being assigned to them their name appears a number of times so the wrong account may be chosen and doing analysis off the back of this is impossible

    Would it be possible to have an administrator feature where we can merge all incidents into the 'live' account

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    All tickets for an individual will be in one place where they may have more than one account. The inability to accurately report on the user with more than one account