Add time to Created and Updated filters, plus a range

Idea created by Todd Thomas on Jun 9, 2017
    Under Consideration
    • Tony Law
    • Binosh Moothedan
    • Gustavo Trujillo
    • Simon Morris
    • Ivan Armendariz

    Currently, we have the Created and Updated filters for incidents. However, these only allow you to filter down based on increments of a day. We need the ability to filter down into more granular time frames than just one day. At least in hour increments, by ideally in minutes, too.



    This would allow for much better filtering for incidents that were created recently.


    We would also like a filter that shows incident for a specific date and time. Examples:

    • June 8 from 9:05am until June 8 at 2:30pm
    • June 1 from 7:05am until June 7 at 11:02am


    It would make sense to extend this functionality to Reports, as well.

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    Let's say there is a service outage in the middle of the afternoon. In a busy day, the number of incidents we have created are in the hundreds. We'd like to find any incidents that were created during the outage and attach them to a Problem. Being able to create a filter that is specific to the time frame of the outage would be very helpful to identify if they were related to the outage of the service or not. It would also help having a specific date and time range for post-Problem triage and investigation.