Groups needed for Portal Catalog Items

Idea created by Byrd, Tracy on Jun 8, 2017
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    We need to target specific users with portal items. All off the methods that seems to be available either have ramifications for the way we assign and work incidents (e.g. categories/subcategories) or are not granular enough (sites and departments). Sometimes the users we need to target with a form have no relation. For instance, we have a form that should be available to all administrative assistants only. These admins exists in all departments and sites so we cannot use those criteria to filter. We would not want to create an Admin category and use that as a filter because that has nothing to do with the way we classify and work incidents. Suggestion is to use the exiting group function or add a catalog item specific group function that can contain individuals or other groups. Then give the catalog item creator the ability to pick these groups in the catalog item. Other suggestions are welcome.

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