Upgrade the CC User Experience for Requesters

Idea created by Nicholas (nija) Jackson on May 30, 2017
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    • Josh Mills
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    • Joshua Andrews
    • Nicholas (nija) Jackson
    • Nancy Everest

    The CC feature is handy, but has caused more headaches than I can count at my company.


    Each day, I get multiple questions about why requesters, who are CCed on tickets and get an email with a big blue "Add a Comment" button, cannot add a comment, as the button suggests. And, when they click on that link, they get an incorrect error page that includes a 404 error saying the page doesn't exist, even though it actually does. A 401 error would be much more accurate since they are unauthorized to access the page. This incorrect error page even further confuses the user.


    There are multiple ways to fix this. Here are some suggestions:

    • Allow us to disable the CC feature for requesters. If they can't access the ticket, don't even let them be clued in or get the notifications.
    • Remove the "Add a Comment" button for people who are CCed who have a requester role. This is very misleading for the users.
    • Update the error page shown when users try to access a page that they don't have the proper role for. A 404 message is confusing and the wrong message to display because it actually does exist.


    I have gotten more complaints about this feature of Samanage than anything else. Please consider fixing this process, or notify me of configuration changes I can make to improve the experience for my users.

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