Search changes - Requester

Idea created by Donna Jay on May 24, 2017
    • Gustavo Trujillo

    Often I create incidents for other staff members in the Service Desk section of Samanage changing my name, which auto populates,  to the actual requester's name in the incident. When searching for a requester's incidents by typing their name in the search box at the top of the page, those incidents do not show up in the search because they are still found under my name as the creator of the ticket. I would like to be able to search on a user's name and find all the incidents that list them as the requester.

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    Example - I receive a request for repair by phone and enter an incident by clicking on New Incident. My name auto populates and I am able to change that name to the actual requester. Later, I need to find that particular incident and do a search on the requester's name but the search does not yield the results showing the incident I entered for them. In order to find the incident in question, I need to search for my own name.