Issue resolving tickets when required custom field not complete

Idea created by Shvonne Craig on May 23, 2017
    Long term plan
    • Shvonne Craig

    This is an issue within Samanage, posting here so others can comment and vote if they have the same issue.


    We have a Custom Field called "Location" that is REQUIRED.  We use this field for critical client reports.


    The way Samanage functions right now, a Technician can resolve a ticket without changing the Location field (most of our tickets come in via email).  The only way the system prompts you that Location is required is if you go into edit mode.  There is rarely a reason to go into edit mode when working on a ticket so the vast majority of our tickets are getting resolved without Location being selected...


    On March 21, 2017 Samanage told me they marked this as a "Known Issue" but it hasn't been addressed yet.

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