Upload assets in bulk to Computers

Idea created by hbruemer@magento.com on Apr 20, 2017
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    When navigating to Inventory, the main Computers tab does not have a button to perform bulk uploads from a CSV file.  This is a basic feature of any Asset management system because no company buys 1 computer at a time.  The "Other Assets" tab already has this, so it would great if you could copy the code and make the feature available on the Computers tab immediately.


    It would also be great if this feature allowed more options to map the columns of the CSV file to the Computers inventory, so you can pre-load specific criteria like the location of the assets into an IT Storeroom.

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    1. purchase 200 new laptops to deploy to new hires 2. scan asset tag numbers, serial numbers, MAC Addresses, etc. from the boxes on a pallet of computers into a spreadsheet 3. add a column for location and input a specific IT Storeroom where the assets are being received 4. save the file as a CSV or similar format 5. Upload all assets with one click into the Inventory, Computers section to make available to assign to users later on when the laptops are deployed