Add "Approver" to available Filters on Reports page

Idea created by Chad Brown on Apr 20, 2017
    Short term plan
    • Yuval Pecht
    • Matthew Reznick
    • Chad Brown
    • Gustavo Trujillo

    In the Reports section of the application (i.e.,, specifically in the Change and Release "Standard Reports", request the Filter for "Approver" be added as an available Filter.


    In the Incidents and Incidents Summary reports, you have the option of adding a Filter for a "User" field (Assignee, Requester, and custom fields where type = User).



    It seems a possible oversight these types of fields are not available for Changes and Releases.

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    We generate a bi-weekly (twice a week, not fortnightly) report of all Changes pending approval by the CAB. The CAB is a group in our environment that contains the CAB president and other members of the company authorized to give final approval for a Change. This report has to be manually created each time from the Change Index page, so we can filter on Approver = CAB. Additionally we have to run routine, scheduled reports on Changes that required CTO and CIO approval as well. There is value and a time saving to have these field types available for Filters on the Change & Release sections so we can set up the Report and schedule it to run every Tuesday and Thursday; generate the PDF, and email it to all members of the CAB; versus one or more people doing this manually.