Relevant info for Change Management approval emails

Idea created by Mark A Adams on Apr 12, 2017
    Long term plan

    I find the approval email that is sent from Samanage to be missing essential information: Date and time of implementation.  In asking for their approval, I'm asking that they approve both what and when.


    In my organization, one of the considerations in approving a change is "when it will happen."  The decision-maker may approve of

    • The implementation plan,
    • the testing plan, and
    • the backout plan,

    but, may have a big problem with the date or time selected for the change.  To have that date and time missing from the approval email requires the decision-maker to open up the Samanage dashboard or portal (assuming they have access), find the change request, and scan it for the planned implementation date and time.  This is awkward.


    Under the current Samanage change process design, the requester needs to duplicate the  date and time in either the title of the change, or in the change description, for it to be sent in the approval email.  This is, indeed, a work-around, but duplicating the implementation date and time can allow the two to be different, if the change request has to be modified to gain approval--then the approver doesn't know which is the correct one.


    Please fix the approval email to contain the info needed to grant approval.

    What problem will this feature solve?:
    Any time a change requires approval, the approver needs to know what he's approving when he receives the email with the choice boxes.