Collect ARD Field / Computer Info Fields as part of Samanage inventory collection

Idea created by Brian Shim on Mar 24, 2017
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    • markharrison
    • Gustavo Trujillo
    • Brian Shim

    Issue: We use custom asset tag #'s as identifiers for our fleet. Those asset tags #'s are placed in ARD Field 1 during imaging via script. Samanage currently does not collect ARD Field / Computer Info data, hence, we are forced to either:

    1. Export from another system, then import to Samanage via hardware record import script. Or...

    2. Update asset tag info manually for each record - this is not good. We manage thousands of devices, and one-by-one data entry will be a non-starter.


    Proposed feature request: Could the Samanage agent be updated to query ARD Fields / Computer Info Fields 1 through 4, please? This is accomplished locally by running:


    sudo defaults read /Library/Preferences/ \Text1

    sudo defaults read /Library/Preferences/ \Text2

    sudo defaults read /Library/Preferences/ \Text3

    sudo defaults read /Library/Preferences/ \Text4


    Our request asks that the resulting output strings from the commands above be inventoried and searchable for separate ARD Text1 through Text4 fields.


    Secondary request: Can we customize our asset inventory views to include custom fields like the ARD fields proposed above? We could set up our inventory view to show ARD Field 1, and our techs could be trained to look for asset tag info in ARD Field 1, for example.


    Thank you!

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